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How Can You Attach An Action Camera Body Mount

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Utilizing an action camera body mount or head mount is the most effective way to have hands at a minimum while you capture stunning video footage.

While helmet mounts as well as a chest-mount harness are two of the most sought-after options, there are many other innovative body mounts and action cameras for you to pick from.

Let’s examine the most common methods of using the chest harness or shoulder mount, as well as other body mount cameras.

Helmet Mount

Helmets are mandatory for many extreme sports, which makes them the ideal spot to put your action camera as there is no need for any additional equipment to capture stunning footage from a POV angle.

Another benefit of the head mount is that it allows you to select different positions to alter the camera’s height. You can choose an open-face head mount or chin mount strap mount to put the camera’s action camera on the top or a side mount.

Helmet Mount

An option that’s flexible is to use a flexible mount made of adhesive, either curved or flat. It allows you to effortlessly alter the camera’s position on the helmet, or alter the helmet based on the sport you intend to play. All you have to do is melt the adhesive using an air dryer, for instance, to remove it from the helmet and then reposition it.

No matter what it is, a head mount for action cameras that are attached to your helmet provides the most immersive footage from a POV perspective that shows the viewer exactly what you’re watching.

Action Camera Head Mount

If your activities don’t require the wearing of a helmet, you still have the benefit of the same viewpoint by wearing a head strap.

Action Camera Head Mount

You can purchase the head mount for your action camera, which has adjustable straps so that it is comfortable and secure for your action camera.

Action Camera Body Mount

Body mounts are a popular option to capture video footage that is hands-free. One of the benefits is that it gives greater stability than the action camera attached to the head. It’s also comfortable to wear with a variety of sporting attire.

However, it’s not ideal for all kinds of sports and activities since your view is easily blocked by your hands or the gear you’re using.

Action Camera Body Mount

The chest is among the most solid parts of your body that help to minimize motion blurring A chest mount will not give you the best perspective.

Action Camera Backpack Mount

Technically speaking it’s not a body mount action camera, however, it’s close enough that it’s possible to consider it as an alternative.

Depending on the location you attach the harness, you could get the perspective of a shoulder strap or a chest mount.

Action Camera Backpack Mount

One way to improve the audio quality of your action camera when you use the back mount for backpacks is to attach an audio device to the other strap on your backpack to record audio in a separate way.

Mask Mount

Finding an action camera that mounts to your body underwater can be a challenge as you’re already wearing specific suits carrying oxygen tanks on your back, etc.

Mask Mount

This is why a mask mount is ideal for taking your action camera on snorkeling or diving adventures. Octomask is one the most sought-after dive masks, with an inbuilt GoPro mount as well as a unique frameless design.

A mask mount can be better (pardon this pun!) than a head mount because it allows you to bring the camera closer to your face, thus increasing the effect of POV.

Bite Mount

A bite mount is attached to your mouth, literally, you bite into it in order to transport your video camera. It’s typically used to surf and, in actuality, GoPro sells it along with Floaty which is a case to keep the action camera afloat.

Bite Mount

It’s also employe for parachuting or skydiving, and most recently for cyclists who are on YouTube who must remain on their handlebars and have a thrilling view of videos.

Magnetic Mount

This is among the most flexible body mounts for action cameras available. It is made up of two parts with magnetics that permits users to attach their action camera onto their clothing or baseball cap, your bag of gear, etc.

A body camera with a magnetic mount also referred to as a snap mount will be comfortable when cycling, skiing, or climbing.

Magnetic Mount

The SNAP mount is a top brand, however, you can also find less expensive magnetic body mounts available (the one that follows from Aoeyoo is a great choice) Just make sure that it’s light and its magnets have enough power to hold your action camera.

Hand And Wrist Mounts

The wrist and hand mounts or straps are among the most popular body mounts for action cameras. There are floating mounts that rotate, ones with adjustable bands, as well as many other factors.

Straps for wrists and hands make the ideal body mounts to wear your action camera on all outdoor activities, from cycling to hiking or skydiving, to surfing to skydiving.

Hand And Wrist Mounts

They help you adjust the settings of your action camera during shooting than the other body mounts, as everything is on your wrist. You just need to ensure that you wear it with your hand that is not dominant to adjust your settings more easily.

Shoulder Mount

When you attach action cameras on your chest with the body mount mentioned above the arms and hands are often out of the way of the video footage. Utilizing your shoulders as a mount for your camera to eliminate the issue.

Shoulder Mount

This Stuntman 360 shoulder mount features an all-round ball joint that lets you point your camera anyway, adjustable with just only a single thumb screw. It is possible to mount the action camera at four mounting locations in front, the top, behind, and on our shoulder.

FAQs For Action Camera Body Mount

Does every action camera come with identical mounts?

It’s not a must, but most action cameras feature a 1/4” mount, however, it is recommended that you verify before buying any item. Be aware that the size of the mount isn’t the only factor to think about when buying the body mount, as various models and brands have various styles. Make sure to check the action cameras that are compatible with the mount that you’re planning to purchase.

Do you connect a GoPro without an enclosure?

It is possible to purchase an adaptor to attach the GoPro with no plastic cases. Frame mounts are also on the market to make use of as a substitute for a box or follow one of the many tutorials on DIY mounts that are available on the internet.

The Final Words

The right body mount for your action camera can be nearly as hard as choosing the right camera!

It is important to think about the kind of sport or activities you’d like to document and the angel you’re looking for and your body’s shape, and, of course, be sure that the camera is suitable for your cameras.

Fortunately, the body mounts are inexpensive in the majority of cases and therefore you can get the right one for every requirement.

If you’re in a pinch I would suggest that you purchase the one that is more flexible and of high quality rather than a number of low-end models.

A body mounts for an action camera is an essential component to recording stunning video footage. I hope that you have found something you can use for your next adventure in this list.

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