Film Industry Adopts Blockchain Technology using Moviecoin

Film Industry Adopts Blockchain Technology using Moviecoin

The financing of films is usually the responsibility of big studios, wealthy individuals, and trusts. Imagine old men in a secluded room debating which films to make according to whatever motives they have. However, those days of Weinstein are over, prepare for the future, because it’s going to be here. Moviecoin is changing the game by decentralizing and democratizing movie finance. While there has been a handful of attempts to integrate blockchain into film production, Moviecoin stands apart from the rest because it offers both creators and consumers greater control and freedom. At anyone can invest in movies or upload their films to be funded through the blockchain, allowing more people to take part in an industry that was previously closed. By lowering the barrier to entry, Moviecoin allows more people to profit from the profitable world of film financing and cryptocurrency. As the adoption of crypto’s widespread use is in the near future will this be the beginning of community-driven film finance via blockchain? We believe that it is.

The crypto tsunami is upon us…

If you’ve been down in the sand over the last few years, you’ll be aware that the crypto wave is on the way, whether you want this or not. Not only are the IT geeks making money from crypto, but also investment banks, Boomers, Millennials, and maybe your grandmother are also taking part. If you’ve been keeping track of the meme coin news, purchased the first NFT or put your money into Bitcoin in 2015, you’ve seen how blockchain technology is gaining ground in everyday life at a rapid pace. What if one Tweet from Elon Musk can wipe billions off markets? Are traditional financial markets shaking in their boots? They certainly are. As we observe some of the most storied investment banks such as JP Morgan getting exposure to the crypto market, it signalizes to other sectors that it’s time to evolve or else be lost in the shuffle.

The well-known investment strategist and crypto-expert Raoul Pal says:

“The crypto market is expanding at 113 percent per year in terms of the number of users. However, even if the rate slows to the rate of growth of 63% of adoption of networks that the internet experienced at the same time it will lead to 4 billion users in 2030 or earlier. This is 200x more than what we have today. I’ve never seen something like this before because nothing similar to this has ever occurred throughout human history within such a short amount of time.”

If Raoul is correct, as usually is the case, we’ll soon see blockchain technology in all aspects of our lives. The NFT industry will grow not only for its artistic merits but as a reliable method of securing confidence in digital assets, further details on NFT’s use in the future. The potential benefits of blockchain technology as well as NFTs are unquestionable, so it’s not a surprise that sectors that were previously stifled by cumbersome traditions are now getting a needed blockchain refresh.

Moviecoin; financing for films method to follow

Moviecoin brings film funding and decentralized financing (defi) to independent filmmakers as well as larger budget films. With a variety of top-rated films in its portfolio, Moviecoin is a possible way to finance the film. allows anyone who is aspiring to be a film producer, director, or writer to finance their own film. Through decentralizing the world of finance for films, Moviecoin gives filmmakers and users greater control.

It is known that the platform already includes some of the best films that are Hollywood royalty. Russell Crow stars in Prizefighter The Story of Jem Belcher which was shot in Malta at the end of November 2021. Mel Gibson stars in the family adventure Boys of Summer to name two of the most acclaimed films currently in the pipeline on with many more on the way.

NFTs are the latest cryptocurrency craze, but are they a massive Ponzi scheme, or are they actually beneficial? You might be wondering why it’s important to have crypto. What are NFTs? What can Melania Trump going to launch her own NFTs, and how did Grimes make millions selling NFTs for sale!? To simplify it, NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. The term “non-fungible” signifies that it’s exclusive and cannot be substituted. However, the fungible token could be similar to a dollar. You can replace one dollar by another and you’ll have the same amount. Non-Fungible has a lot in common with an image like the Mona Lisa, which is not replaceable. While there are numerous replicas and variations, the authentic Mona Lisa stands alone. The NFT is a method to ensure this exclusivity through the use of cryptography and blockchain. Numerous experts believe that this technology is revolutionary in its fundamentals however, a photo of an ape sporting the head of a banana isn’t going to alter the world quickly So, how can we utilize NFT’s advantages to our advantage?

Moviecoin NFT benefits

Moviecoin has developed an innovative method for their NFTs that gives them real-world value. If you have a Moviecoin NFT and you’re a part of the movie, you’ll be a part owner of the film that it’s from, and could even provide its owner (potentially you’re) with royalties for life. Moviecoin is an example of the increasing popularity of NFTs with real-world utility and not just a boring animal, but something that could actually earn you money and generate passive income over the long run. It is linked through an intelligent contract to a profit share in real-world productions in the film The NFT’s will consist of frames and images taken from the film, props from the films, and some owners getting their actual props IRL. Another instance is the electronic NFT being connected to other assets in the crypto-world, adding worth to the NFT. Imagine having Rocky Balboa’s boxing gloves and the NFT of them.

In a first for the industry, have developed a groundbreaking three-dimensional primary, second and utility-based NFT marketplace. In addition to the fact that movie filmmakers and funders profit from the second-hand sales made through NFTs when purchasing a NFT, you’re purchasing an unlimited profit share of the film for as long as you want. At least, until you decide to sell it.

The crypto-tsunami rips into a variety of industries Will you ride the waves or be stranded in the sand? If the past is anything to be compared to the first adopters of the latest technology are those that stand to benefit the most.

Moviecoin is scheduled to launch the presale as well as ICO beginning in the month of January 2022, with the NFT release of Prizefighter costumes and other memorabilia very soon. Keep up with them via Twitter or sign up to their Telegram or Discord server for the latest updates and news All links are to

Moviecoin was created on the Ethereum blockchain, which uses ERC-20 tokens that allow for simple integration into an existing NFT and token market. It will also be accessible through as well as Moviecoin has been completely verified by Solidity and is being developed from London by a seasoned fully doxed, fully audited team. Learn more information at

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