Kraket Success: The Online Champion You Haven’t Heard Of… Yet

Kraket Success: The Online Champion You Haven’t Heard Of… Yet

At Amsterdam’s Vrije Universities, a group of students known as Kraket focuses on inferential statistics and operations research. Over time, it has experienced several difficulties with other colleges. Could this be a contributing element to its internet popularity? If you want to discover more specifics regarding the, read this article.

What is Kraket?

Kraket is the association for studying Econometrics and Operational Research at the VU. It was established on the 14th of July, 1972, and the name Kraket means “Critical Actuaries and Econometricians’.

Most econometrics students are members of the organization, and there’s a good reason to join. In addition, in our room (HG-8A-30), purchasing books and asking questions, working, or coming in is possible. On Mondays, we are open from 12.30 until 5 pm. Tuesday through Friday; we’re open from 10 am to 5 pm.

  • The program connects college students to firms that are looking for interns.
  • It is a high-cost method of buying crypto
  • Further, It has a gruesome side

What Supports the Popularity of Kraket?

It is primarily a platform that gives users a unique experience not offered on other social media sites. For instance, users don’t need to worry about copyright issues when they upload news or video clips of their preferred media.

The platform’s content moderation approach ensures that only top-quality content is available to users. It’s a platform that connects employers and students and assists them in finding suitable jobs.

It is also important because it allows students to communicate with employers and get information on job openings. In the same vein, it also makes it easy for students to search for open positions and to submit their applications.

The reason for its success is two aspects that are its user-friendly interface as well as an emphasis on sharing content.

A Few Occurrences and the Cause of Creation:

The relaxing activities that are organized by the kraket society and the reason for organizing are shown:

1.     Cocktail Workshop

This event is for Master students. If you’d rather stay sober and not drink, you can participate by creating an alcoholic drink during the cocktail workshop. Cocktail Workshop registration will start on November 17th.

2.     Sinterklass

Sinterklass is the season of the year. With the help of Poetry and a paper note, Sinterklaas is on his journey toward the Netherlands. “You’ll get sweets if you’re sweet’.  15th November is the date for opening the Sinterklass celebration.

3.     Event for Alumni

An annual extrie and kraket alumni celebration was held on the 25th of December in Dutch. Each every year Krakets, as well as the alumni of the economics group extrie, host a dinner for Kraketters and alumni.  

After the thesis awards presentation, there’s a chance to have drinks afterward. The registration process began on November 11th.

4.     Careers in Economics and Operations Research

This event takes place on November 11, when students are presented with various econometrics and research operations options. Through informal discussions with young professionals, you can ask any questions.

What Are The Advantages And Drawbacks Of It?


  • The most significant advantage of it is that it allows the students access to a huge selection of employers.
  • In addition, it offers helpful information, such as career guidance and seminars.
  • It also helps students connect with employers looking for skilled professionals.


  • There are some minor downsides when using it.
  • For instance, students may need help uploading their resumes and photographs.
  • In addition, a few employers use it, and students might need to search for work on other platforms.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is Kraket Open Company?

It is a private business, so it has no official ticker symbol.

How Does Kraket Make Money?

It is an online platform that lets users sell their products and services online. It earns revenue from charging fees for services, such as commissions for transactions made by its users. Additionally, it earns income by displaying advertisements on its web pages.

How Do They Pay Their Staff Members And Volunteers?

Volunteers and employees are paid bonuses, salaries, and other benefits. Most importantly Compensation is paid per hour, and the minimum wage is $10/hour.

How does Kraket work?

It was established on July 14, 1972. The name Kraket refers to ‘Critical Actuaries as well as Econometrists.’ Most econometrics students belong to the group, and there’s a good reason to do it. In our room (HG-8A30), we can purchase books each day from 10 am to 4:30 pm, inquire about work, or stop in.


In conclusion finding a job matching your talents and interests when you’re a student in Amsterdam can be challenging. Students can join companies interested in their interests and discover meaningful jobs.

However, Students can utilize the platform to search for jobs matching their interests, qualifications, interests, and location. Alongside aiding students in finding jobs, it also connects them to social gatherings and gives them a chance to get to know people from diverse backgrounds

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