Hometown, a Regional Online Store, Opens In Colorado

Hometown, a Regional Online Store, Opens In Colorado

Hometown Shopping helps make the process of supporting local businesses simpler by having everything you need in one location

Regional Online Store


Denver (October 3, 2022) A local impact based startup Hometown was launched recently in Colorado to create a bridge between local businesses and small scale ones who wish to keep their funds in the community. From custom jewelry to handmade coffee to locally made clothes, Hometown has more than 10 local businesses selling exclusive, high-quality items which shoppers can pick from. There are additional offerings on the way.

Ian Godsey launched Hometown after being increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of the products offered by online retailers. While small-scale businesses create and sell top-quality and unique items, they are often lacking the resources to compete with larger rivals,” Ian says. Customers are then forced to search through multiple websites to locate the item they re looking for locally.

Godsey identified an opportunity to enhance the shop local experience of small businesses, as well as online buyers particularly as the trend of shopping locally, has grown in popularity throughout this health epidemic.

“At Hometown, we believe that small-scale enterprises can make towns distinct stronger, more united, and more secure. Hometown is a marketplace that allows customers to get products made locally without the need to search across a variety of sites in order to locate what they are looking for. We hope that people will opt to help the local community rather than corporate entities that are not real,” said Godsey.

By joining forces small-sized businesses become allies with Hometown and are able to reach out to more local customers on the internet.Hometown consumers may feel good about the things they are buying, whether they are purchasing something for themselves or as gifts on #smallbusinesssaturdays.

When a client purchases from a local company, 70% of the cash remains within the local community. Small Business Administration Small Business Administration

“Joining Hometown was a no-brainer for us,” …””, said Jillian Glenn Altman, the founder of Glenn + Glenn apparel. “Exposure is such a huge obstacle to overcome when starting a business, especially in these uncertain economic conditions of the previous two years.. Its wonderful to be part of this carefully selected Colorado collection of small scale companies.

Hometown is hoping to expand to include small-scale businesses throughout the region. If you are a small business interested in being a part of the Hometown community email bfnj12j323123j99ssdnbc9@fkittttttt.com For local products make sure to visit your hometown shopping. Keep us updated through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

About Hometown

Hometown Shopping was founded by Ian Godsey in Westminster CO in 2021 following the genesis of the concept of an enterprise-class that he was a part of at Front Range Community College. Hometown provides an online marketplace that improves the shopping experience in local communities for small and medium-sized businesses as well as shoppers alike. Shoppers can stay in the community and enjoy distinctive products from more than 10 Colorado small-scale businesses in their hometown. shopping with more to come.

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